Isawa Kazdo

Passionate Pheonix Shugenja


A young man that exudes energy beyond that of simple youth. Of standard height for most Rokugani he doesn’t stand out so much physically beyond the simply intensity held within his dark eyes. His wardrobe is in constant flux as he can be rather immaculate or nearly bare no matter the season.


Brash, capable, arrogant, intelligent, brutish and willful are some of the more notable things easily and often laid at his feet as he lives and breathes by mentors and companions both, often not denying any of them. While a Phoenix Shugenja of little experience, many see vast potential varying from hopeful to dreadful as while able and more in tune with Fire Kami than most he is also, less inclined to follow his Phoenix ancestors peaceful ways than many would care for and instead seems more inclined to his Crab Ancestry. Yet he is never one to shrink from adversity or hard choices and has garnered enough respect to not draw to much attention to him.

Isawa Kazdo

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