Bayushi Masanori

Flamboyant Scorpion Clan Bushi


Masanori is of average height and build for a Rokugani. He is toned for his musculature and clean. His face is thin, with slender jawline and pronounced cheekbones. He keeps his black hair very long, tied in a topknot, with the remnants below carefully flowing over his shoulders. His eyes glint with something different, a hidden truth, lust for life, playfulness, or mischief, it depends on who is looking. He moves with grace and flare, often exaggerating movement to be flashy. He often laughs, and constantly smiles, at a joke that only he hears.


Masanori grew up at the foot of his father, Bayushi Katashi, a great war hero in service to the Daimyo. There he learned about all the things that a warrior and Bayushi should be. He would go home in his early youth filled with the promise of what he would become. His tutors and teachers, particularly Bayushi Hatsumoto) taught him all things a Scorpion should know, and he clutched to the stories of the clan heroes, romantic stories of wandering Samurai and their devotion to Bushido. It was through these stories, of valiant duels, defeating overwhelming odds and terrible creatures that he found his confidence and strength. The people in his house saw overconfidence and carelessness. It was for these traits that Bayushi Katashi sent him away to the Bayushi Bushi school, anyone with a tongue like that ought to have the training to back it up.

After his training, he was married, nearly immediately to a plain and nagging wife. He often takes assignments far from home, looking to see the Empire.

Bayushi Masanori

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